Inferno Baseball Program

As parents, we have all been excited by the sight of our child hammering a pitch and rounding the bases.  We've all dreamed that some day he might have the opportunity to do the same as a member of a college, minor league, or professional team.  We can't hide the pride the day our 7 year old Little Leaguer has a performance that shows signs that he might be able to play “at a higher level” some day.

Then reality sets in.  With the limited training, exposure and experience most Little League players in Western New York receive, the opportunity to participate competitively beyond the High School level is extremely limited.  That is the "Bad News". 

Through the proper program, it is possible to overcome many of the roadblocks that young players will face. With year round advanced systems we use in mechanics, video tutoring and strength development, along with continuous evaluation by our trained staff, will provide the month to month progress necessary for success.   That is the “Good News”.

If your child is going to play any sport at an advanced level he will need your continuous support.   With your support and the 25+ years experience of our staff at the high school, college and national select travel team level, we together can make a difference!

Where tomorrows stars learn what it takes to get there today!

  Now Offering:

  • For Players Ages 7 thru 18:

    One Low Fee Includes:

    • Progressive, Year Round Developmental Training

    • Year Round Indoor Batting Cage Use

    • Specialized Classroom Instruction

    • Year Round Indoor Pitching Mound Use

    • Year Round Indoor Field Use

    • Video Analysis and Tutoring

    • Continuous Mechanics Analysis

    • Year Round Indoor and Outdoor Baseball Training Aids Use

    • Certified Coaches and Instructors

    • Strength and Conditioning Guidance

    • Individual Evaluations

    • Exposure to Local, Regional and National High School and College Coaches and Scouts

    • Opportunities to participate in Local and Regional Baseball Showcase Camps

    • Guidance through the High School and College Baseball Process.

    • Online Access to your Player Profile and Stats

    • Online Scheduling of Cage and pitching mound time, Clinics and Seminars

    • Discounts on Private Lessons, Leagues, Camps, Clinics and Gear

    • Community Service Opportunities

    • Eligibility for Team New Era Teams for play in Regional and National select tournaments

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  • For Coaches:

    • Coaches Certification

    • Year Round Access to Indoor Facilities for Individual and Team Work

    • Access to Many of the Top Players and Coaches in Western New York

  • For Leagues and Administrators:

    • Onsite clinics and seminars from our certified and trained staff

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