Inferno Program FAQ

The Inferno Baseball membership program to our facilities is geared toward teaching position and skill specific fundamentals and, most importantly, allowing for numerous opportunities to work to perfect those fundamentals. This is the first program of its kind in Western New York and one of only a handful in the country. The unique nature of this program is changing the way people look at player skill development.

What exactly is an Inferno Membership?
An Inferno membership allows an individual virtually unlimited access to all our indoor facilities including hitting, fielding, pitching and clinic time.

How much does it cost?
Membership terms range from one month to one year. An array of membership opportunities and payment plans are available. The most advantageous plan (one-year membership paid in advance) costs approximately the same ($50) as renting one batting cage for 90 minutes once per month at comparable facilities.

What is included?
All batting cage time, infield practice time, pitching mound time and a wide array of position and/or skill specific clinics. Batting cage, infield and pitching time are available on a daily basis. All of the 70+ position and skill specific clinics are offered weekly and are also included.

What is not included?
Nearly everything is included. Things not included in the membership are the indoor leagues, over night events, camps, one-on-one specific training and other unique special events. However, in nearly all cases, members do receive a significant discount on these events.

Where can I find a complete list of clinics available to members?
Follow the "For a complete description of clinics currently being offered" link on the Inferno web site under the "PROGRAM DETAILS" menu option.

Are there any age restrictions?
Yes. Minimum age for unrestricted membership is 8. Maximum age is 18. Players ages 6 or 7 are addressed on a case by case basis. Memberships for players over age 18 cannot be accepted.

As a parent, am I required to supervise my child?
Absolutely not! In fact we encourage parents to drop off their children and let them enjoy the use of the facility! There are always 3 to 5 trained instructors on site to supervise all members in the facility.

What are your normal business hours?
We are is open year around. Winter hours are Monday through Friday 3PM to 10PM. Saturday and Sunday 9AM to 10PM. Additional extended hours apply on school holidays and days off. Inferno Baseball is closed weekends during June through September.

How do I signup?
Registration and payment can be done online through the Inferno Baseball web site at: or by stopping in at either Facility.

How do I pay for a membership?
Memberships can be paid by cash, check or credit card. All three options are available through our web site and at either facility. Credit Card payments are mandatory on any membership option where monthly payments are required.

Can Softball players benefit from the membership program?
Absolutely! Currently approximately 50% of our memberships are softball players. Many of the position and skill specific clinics apply to both sports. Where differences exist (for example pitching), we have trained instructors on site to address those softball specific clinics.

Once I have a membership, how do I signup for practice or clinic time?
All active members receive an ID and Password to our web site, which allows them to see the schedule of facility events for the next 2 weeks. Members can interactively pick and choose the clinics and practice times that best fit their schedule. Signup can also be done while at our facility or by calling us when web site access is not readily available.

What if I make a reservation and then cannot attend?
Reservations can be cancelled either through our web site or over the phone. As long as it is completed prior to the scheduled start time of the reservation, there is no penalty for cancellation. As a courteously to all members, we expect members to cancel reservations they cannot use, thus allowing other members to take advantage of them.

How does Inferno ensure I get adequate access to the facility?
To insure sufficient access to the facility, memberships are limited to approximately 500 active members per facility. Membership renewals for active members are always given priority. In addition, members are limited to making 5 future reservations at any one time. As soon as one is used an additional one can be made. Additionally, clinics, cage time and pitching time all have individual participant maximum numbers associated with them. Once the maximum number of reservations are received for a specific event, it will no long appear in the list available events for anyone looking to book time at our facility.

What if I want to bring a friend?
As a member, you can always bring a friend as long as adequate space exists and you arrange it with us in advance. A guest accompanied by a member is free for the first visit and $10 per visit thereafter up to a limit of 3 visits.

What if I cannot find what I am looking for available over the next 2 weeks?
Give us a call. We will setup what you need. The only limitation is the cage and/or fielding time needed to support your request must to be available.

What if I need specialized one-on-one training?
One-on-one training is available to all members at an additional fee. Members with 6 month or 12 month memberships receive a discount on many of the one-on-one training packages.

Does you rent out their facilities to non-members?
Yes, on a limited basis. Times outside of normal business hours are available at a discount rate. Times during normal business hours are available at a premium rate only when it does not impact our members ability to use our facility. Contact  us for more details.