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Why pay every time you want to attend a clinic or just want some batting cage time? Pay one fee and enjoy unlimited use of our programs and facilities. Memberships allow full use of both Depew and Blasdell facilities. For a complete description of what a New Era Park Membership Includes, click here: Membership Details
New Era Park offers special membership discounts for baseball and softball teams (10 or more players) and families with multiple children (3 or more children). For more information on discount programs, click here:
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SPECIAL: One Month Unlimited membership good for both Depew and Blasdell Locations. Offer Expires November 30th. $45.00 $0.00  1 Month  Credit Card Only $45.00 
Full Year Membership - Pay One Price. Your best value. $559.00 $0.00  One Year  Cash, Check or Credit Card $49.08 
Full Year Membership. Initial registration fee plus 12 monthly payments charged to your credit card. $149.00 $46.99  One Year  Credit Card Only $59.40 
6 Month Membership - Pay One Price. $399.00 $0.00  6 Months  Cash, Check or Credit Card $66.50 
6 Month Membership - Initial registration fee plus 6 monthly payments charged to your credit card. $149.00 $49.99  6 Months  Credit Card Only $74.85 
3 Month Membership - Pay One Price. $299.00 $0.00  3 Months  Cash, Check or Credit Card $99.33 
1 Month Trial Membership $109.00 $0.00  1 Month  Cash, Check or Credit Card $109.00 

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Initial Fee:

  • For credit card payment option - This fee plus NYS Sales tax will be charged to your credit card immediately upon completion of signup.
  • For cash payment option - This fee plus NYS Sales tax will be due upon your first visit to our facility.
Monthly Fee:
  • This fee will be charged automatically to your credit card each month beginning on the day of signup. If a free trial period is offered, this fee will not be charged until the end of the trial period.
  • The term of this membership option. Your account will be activated and your term will begin on the date of purchase (today).
Payment Options:
  • Cash - cash or personal check payable to Inferno Baseball are accepted. Payable upon first visit to our facility. Returned checks are subject to a $25 plus Bank return charge fee.
  • Credit Card - You membership will be automatically charged to your MasterCard, Visa or American Express card using Paypal, one of the Internet's largest Credit Card payment processors. Charge will appear on your credit card statement as PAYPAL*INFERNO. As part of the registration process, you will be instructed on how to setup a Paypal account. Your Inferno Membership will be automatically activated as soon as your credit card payment is sucessfully processed by Paypal. For more information on Paypal, see their website at
Average Monthly cost:
  • Your actual average monthly cost based on the membership option chosen.